It launched in July 15, 2006. It is a wbsite that allows social networkig and microbolgging. service. It allows users to read, send messages called tweets. users can only tweet within 140 words on twitter. However, now users can tweet more than 140 words using twitlonger. twitter is a platfrom where people can send, upload pictures and share with someone.  Tweets are publicly visible by default; however, senders can restrict message delivery to just their followers. Users may subscribe to other users’ tweets—this is known as following and subscribers are known as followers

It also have app on smartphones such as iPhone. User can download it free and they can tweet everywhere they go. User could also tweet through some others apps too to tweet, such as tweetdeck ( can download on decktop too), echofon(iphone app). If people is not using smart phone nor having 3G can also tweet through SMS when they are out. Users in Singapore can create an account in SgBeat, Tweetsg or gladlycast and when they send their SMS to the number of SgBeat, Tweetsg or Gladlycast, their sms will be post on their twitter web.  

People have to create an account to tweet. Therefore, regristration is required when you visit twitter.com. Twitter was active and widespread. and was rank 9 in ALEXA (updated in february 2011).


Curesearch is another organization that is doing research to help children with cancer. They also funds the Children’s Oncology Group, the world’s largest children’s cancer research collaborative. They did research on Cancer and help those children with cancer.

Differences between Children cancer foundation and Curesearch

  1. Children Cancer Foundation provides Services and programes for children that have cancer, while Curesearch is a research organisation where they research on Cancer so that they could help children with Cancer.
  2. Children Cancer Foundation and Curesearch uses web1.0 as both of their site requires lots of information and less inteactive with the user.
  3. Children Cancer Foundation do not have any social network sites on their website, while Curesearch have Facebook, twitter on their website. They also have youtube accounts and it’s shown on their Home website.
  4.  Both organistion have donation system, However, Children Cancer Foundation have 2 types of donation: online donation but it will link to another website, SG gives and people can also donate from AXS machine. Curesearch have only one donation system, which is directly from their website. They need to fill in their particulars like payment and billing details, on the website.   

Web1.0 was more on read only. The information on web1.0 will be more. It’s like a word document which is where information are more.

where Web2.0 was more on interactive with people. For example, there are flash animation and peole just get their information in a more interactive way. Social network is one of the example too. Facebook is using web2.0, as in facebook, there are application for people to play with. user can actively interact & contribute to the web using different blog platforms.

Children cancer Foundation is an organization where they provide services for those children(3 – 9 years old) who had cancer.

They are a group of people that care about children. Their Mission and vision was
To improve the quality of life of children with cancer to  enhance their emotional, social and medical well-being. However they have change their vision to become a first-class provider of resources and  services to children and families impacted by childhood cancer.

Their community members consists of chairman, vice-chairmen, secretary, 4 advisers, an executive director and 4 main staffs.   They provide services such as Casework & Counseling, Therapeutic Play and Parent Support Programmed to help the children with cancer.

They have volunteers to help out. However, they still need to have more volunteers to help out because they need lots of volunteers to help out during those big events. They are recruiting volunteers and encourage more people to help.  They also need more people to know about this organization.

Web1.0 is present in their web as there is more information than interactive / more animation on their website. It was quite user-friendly as people could know more information about this organization and the activities that they have done to help their clients, which are those families that have children diagnosed  cancer.

They keep their information inform only on their website. I think they should have at least one social network so that people can know about this organization.

NMT group workload



-Introduction CCF, differences between web1.0 and web 2.0, web application and blog.

-About and broad members of CCF


-Find other related website and compare, current status, twitter(include statistics and prototype).

-About and broad members of CCF


-Evaluation of current website(eg. More interactive media), Youtube(include statistics and prototype),

-About and broad members of CCF


Find and create a prototype for  Facebook(children and the client) ,

Create a campaign to attract public interest(eg. Yellow ball)

About and broad members of CCF

Two specker have come and share their expertise, experience in web development and the use of new media tools in the industry. One of the specker, Tan kian Ann, have shared about Search marketing and interruption marketing. Interruption marketing is like  sudden advertisment/commerical  while you are watching drama.

He also shared to us about SEO(Search Engine Optimization) that he use in his job.what are the different steps of doing it. First, Research, think of the key words and the organisation and think of how to beat them. Second, onpage. Think about the site? The site structure and internal thinking and sematic HTML markup. Thirdly, offpage, get link from who? How many? and What are the kinds of links? Lastly, tracking,  Are we successful?

His also shared challenges that he faced, for example, there are too many school of thought- infromation overload. He had solve it by learn by experimental. The SEO tools such as Yahoo Search Assist,  Google suggest, keyword tool and  Google Analytic. There are also Development tools like CODA to write codes.

While, the other specker helps to make blogs for their clients.  His company did web design, eCommerce and a web development. One of the blog the make is Xiaxue.

Through this talk, I know more about new media such as Search Marketing.

I think that this talk from experts to share their experience to us is very good and think that It could be good that they could have more of this more often.

I’ve went Asian Civilisation Museum(ACM) and 2 of my favourite exhibits are Congo River: arts of central Africa and China. I like the exhibit, Congo River: Arts of Central Africa because they have a corner which is call “World of mask: A learning zone”.

 There is a lot of mask and if you turn, there’s a short, brief info about the mask. and the visitors could know about it.

There is a zone where there is masks on the table/screen. The table/screen can shine lights. The table will shone light and shapes of the masks. when visitors put the mask on top of the the shapes of masks, there will be wordings on the side describing the mask. I think It’s very interesting way to enhance user interaction and people will remember it deeply.

The next exhibit is China. I like a section of this exhibit where it introduce how did “Tea” got it name. It uses sound to introduce it just by pressing the different buttons of diffierence places.   They did the same same way to let people learns more about the different styles and characteristic of Operas. It also have tiles that have turn so that the visitors could learn more about the chinese food and drinks.

The most common technologies that a museum might use is to project image on screen so that the visitors could look clearer at it. The others would be a touch screen computer so that the visitor could just have and know all the information about the exhibit more.

there’s also a touch screen computer in every session of the sxhibit. People will get to know more information.

 I think that they could put more information or a quick guide on the website because there is too little information on it. People may not get interested in. They could put more attractive pictures to let people know more about the exhibit.